Online Marketing

Attracting Clients to Your Business

This is our jam - we find clients. Every marketing strategy is tailored to the individual business, but they all utilize the same components. Book a consultation today to review your marketing needs and we'll develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. 

Whether it be through Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager or even sending automated email marketing campaigns, we’re here to help. Allow us to develop your marketing strategy. We'll take care of everything from creating your ads to writing your blogs,  sending your email campaigns, editing your flows or even testing your segments so you can better target your audience.


Blogs are a part of an overarching marketing strategy but they're often the secret sauce. They're able to be shared on social and they help your search engine performance. Our team does the research to find blog topics that your customers are actually searching for and write engaging content with calls to action leading to more conversions from your site.  

Google Ads Setup

When your customers often know what they're looking for, but not who to ask, the answer is often Google Ads. Whether you're a service and want to stand out from your competitors or you want to utilize Google Shopping to showcase your products, we will use this high converting tool to show you results. 

We use data-driven strategies to find the keywords that your audience is using to find your business. These strategies have helped our clients grow their business year over year. 

Facebook Ad Setup 

Utilizing Facebook/Instagram Ads, retargeting campaigns will test various demographics to ensure we are maximizing the efficacy of your ad spend. Each campaign will begin with test-campaigns to see what ad copy and demographic is the most effective. Once we find a campaign that works, we’ll turn up the ad spend. The ad spend will ultimately be up to you, however we will discuss this in detail during our consulting meetings and GD Commerce will provide you with a suggestion of a monthly ad spend for the campaigns we decide on.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Newsletters and email marketing are a great way to get click-throughs to your site. Merchants benefit greatly by having a newsletter flow setup that reminds clients about your brand and also entices them to shop. For this, we create newsletter campaigns with an enticing call to action and setup email automation.

We integrate your website with email campaigns on MailChimp, Klaviyo, or your preferred service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In short:
We'll maximize your potential for top search results on site such as Google and Bing.

The details:
We will conduct keyword research for your industry and apply the appropriate keywords. We will focus on the meta titles descriptions and make sure your brand has a great chance to be on the front page of Google. We create a comprehensive backlink strategy to ensure you're staying competitive and one step closer to the first page of Google!

Social Media Management

There's no shadow of a doubt that in today's day and age, a presence on social media is a must. But what platforms does your business need to be on? What type of content should you be sharing to maximize engagement? And how do you grow your audience so people are actually looking at the content you're putting out? 

These are all questions that we're here to answer. We develop a comprehensive social media strategy based on data. We build audiences organically and focus on engaging with your potential customers. This means a higher converting social platform and a higher ROI for your business. 

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We know that the key to growing your social media doesn't happen overnight, but one tool that we've seen clients leverage again and again to see some incredible results have been influencer marketing campaigns. But who should you choose and how much do you have to pay them? Are you going to see an ROI? 

Using our experience and network of clients, we'll be able to connect you with influencers who can provide you with a ROI not only for increasing your social engagement, but converting clients.