Online Marketing

Do you need help with Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager or even sending Email Marketing campaigns? We’re here to help. Allow us to create your ads and send your email campaigns, edit your flows or even manage your subscriber segments so you can better target your audience.

These are a few of our Online Marketing Clients:



Online Ad Setup and Funneling

Utilizing Facebook/Instagram Ads, retargeting campaigns will test various demographics to ensure we are maximizing the efficacy of your ad spend. Each campaign will begin with test-campaigns to see what ad copy and demographic is the most effective. Once we find a campaign that works, we’ll turn up the ad spend. The ad spend will ultimately be up to you, however we will discuss this in detail during our consulting meetings and GD Commerce will provide you with a suggestion of a monthly ad spend for the campaigns we decide on.

As part of this, we'll set up your Facebook Tracking Pixels as well as Google Analytics.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Newsletters and email marketing are a great way to get click-throughs to your site. Merchants benefit greatly by having a newsletter flow setup that reminds clients about your brand and also entices them to shop. For this, we create newsletter campaigns with an enticing call to action and setup email automation.

We integrate your website with email campaigns on MailChimp, Klaviyo, or your preferred service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In short:
We'll maximize your potential for top search results on site such as Google and Bing.

The details:
We will conduct keyword research for your industry and apply the appropriate keywords. We will focus on the meta descriptions and make sure your brand has a great chance to be on the front page of Google.