Our Team

Gabby Dickert
Web Project Manager
Vancouver, BC
Gabby is our founder and eCommerce Consultant. She brings experience working with hundreds of small, medium and enterprise level businesses at Shopify. She studied Management Economics and Finance at the University of Guelph, with a focus on Project Management.
Gabby's passion is working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to alleviate their biggest challenges and deliver results. She focuses not only on consulting, but also implementing the recommended changes to your online brand. 

Adrianna Marling
Client Success Coordinator
Toronto, ON
With a background in marketing, communications and writing, Adrianna has worked for a number of organizations ranging from a contemporary art gallery to the local government in London, UK. Adrianna loves finding the balance between creativity and efficiency, and uses this balance to carry out tasks and find solutions. When she's not travelling or exploring a new city, Adrianna can be found in Toronto where she enjoys photography, biking around the city and getting her hands on as many good Americanos as possible.
Darren Dunne
Vancouver, BC
Darren is from Ireland. He likes to drink, watch soccer and call it football. Darren enjoys spending time doing yoga and hanging out with his cats, and showing you pictures of his cats. He's a super funny and friendly guy and for that reason, we've decided to keep him around. 


Hannah Dykes
Social Media Manager and Content Creator
Vancouver, BC
Hannah has moved to Vancouver from Scotland, in search of a new and exciting life! With a background in social media management and content creation, Hannah is your main gal for all social media related requests. Having graduated with a degree in textile design, Hannah later found her calling in social media, and hasn’t looked back since! When Hannah’s not posting on Instagram, she is out exploring, taking photographs and putting herself out there to new experiences.


Rachel Vander Vennen
Project Manager
Guelph, ON
Rachel is in her final year of an MA degree at the University of Guelph, researching the positive social and environmental outcomes of a social enterprise business model. As a trained listener with an eye for detail, she excels at coordinating logistics for the GDC team. In her spare time, you can find Rachel at the gym, working towards her Yoga Teachers’ Training, or knitting socks with a glass of red wine. 

Judy Rom
Client Success Coordinator
Vancouver, BC
Charismatic and driven, Judy is an enthusiastic marketer with a love of digital strategy and project management. Judy has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria and a specialization in Entrepreneurship. As an avid yoga student and teacher, when she isn’t at GD Commerce, she can be found on her yoga mat. Judy particularly enjoys working with clients in the health and wellness space.

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